No Waste Like Home : Improve Your Health, Wealth - and Environment eBook

Nowaste is a commercially implementable solution to easily manage municipal waste, waste from small-scale units and industries, auditorium, educational institutions, hospitals and health centers, super markets, residential apartments and villas, railway stations etc.

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Penney Poyzer
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30 Aug 2005

Looking for a No Waste Like Home : Improve Your Health, Wealth - and Environment book? Interesting ... It looks like this book is on our website No Waste Like Home : Improve Your Health, Wealth - and Environment PDF - reading online is now so easy!

SAVING YOUR HEALTH, SAVING YOUR WEALTH AND SAVING YOUR CONSCIENCE Flushing your money down the loo? Tossing your future in the bin? Pouring your happiness down the drain? Every year we spend [pound]400 million on food and generate 29 million tons of household waste. What's more worrying is that our homes are so full of toxins they're making us sick. TVs, computers, cleaning and beauty products are emitting waste that we don't know about, waste that's potentially killing us. No Waste Like Home is the revelatory book that will change your outlook. No nonsense, no unrealistic green speak - just simple lifestyle plans that could save you up to [pound]4000 a year. Quiz yourself to find your environmental make-up, add up your health and wealth miles and learn the ins and outs of how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Packed with mind-blowing facts and practical targets, No Waste Like Home is about a lot more than taking your bottles to the bank. Inside there are hundreds of quick and easy ways to improve your home, car, shopping bills and health. The ultimate 'make a difference' subject is about to hit you and your home.

But then you come across zero wasters—people who produce no waste whatsoever—and feel insecure about the impact of your contributions. Zero waste is an abstract, not an absolute, term.